In The Office

There's more to a station to the voices you hear on the air - and this is the crew that looks after the business end of things while the announcers goof off.  I mean, entertain and inform you!

Roxanne McGeeNeed to have your message heard?  Call Roxanne McGee or Natalie Desrosiers and they'll make it happen!   They will work with you to come up with schedules that give you maximum effectiveness within your budget.  At CKDR, we take pride in selling advertising that WORKS.



Chris Pollard This guy ... he's a 45 gallon drum of trouble.  Grumpy, stubborn, and all-around just miserable to be around.  But he's a heck of a writer, with the hardware to prove it!  It's creative director Chris Pollard.  He's a bit really weird, but really good at whittling a list of bullet points into a cohesive thought.  If you need an ad put together, he's your guy.  (He's not really that grumpy though.  Honest.)


Bruce Walchuk And let's not forget our fearless leader, station manager Bruce Walchuk.  Most days, with our merry band of radio personalities, he must feel like a cat wrangler.  But he's pretty good at keeping us in line and answering all the questions that stump the rest of us.