Deputy Mayor Says Firefighters Dispute All About Booze

Posted on Friday, March 9, 2018 12:34 PM

The City of Dryden is clearing the air on the root cause of the dispute with volunteer firefighters.

Deputy Mayor Nick Beyak says he can't believe it, but it's absolutely about alcohol and that's all it is, alcohol in the Club Association room.

Beyak stresses the City never had any intention of closing the room. He says Council had the courage to finally take action and instruct the Fire Chief and CAO to remove booze from the city-owned facility. Beyak says action should have been taken years ago.

He stresses there wasn't one complaint from a firefighter about Chief Ryan Murrell until the City started enforcing the policy, noting the Associaiton knew a crackdown was coming.

Beyak says the whole issue surrounds alcohol and members should be ashamed of themselves.

He says the City would still like to work with the Association, and is thanking Barclay, Wabigoon, Oxdrift and other firefighters for their support.

Dryden has already hired four new firefighters to help fill the current void.

To hear more from the Deputy Mayor, visit the Audio link below.