AFN National Chief Calling For Action

Posted on Thursday, December 6, 2018 08:35 AM

The National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations sees a need to overhaul the justice system.

In a speech at a special AFN meeting, Perry Bellegarde stated the transformation needs to include dealing with the racism shown by police against Indigenous people.

He pointed to the recent video showing a Thunder Bay police officer allegedly slapping a girl on a stretcher.

Bellegarde would like to see more First Nations police officers, lawyers, judges and more representation on jury's.

He also used the moment to ask the federal government to act on proposed legislation impacted First Nations people.

Bellegarde is calling on the approval of bills related to child welfare and Indigenous languages.

He notes they are prepared to take action in the 2019 election if progress isn't made.

Bellegarde says they were successful in flipping 22 ridings in the 2015 vote, and warns they are prepared to make it happen again.