Scheer Finds Leblanc The Latest In A Liberal Pattern

Posted on Thursday, September 13, 2018 17:19 PM

Federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has two problems with the fact that the Ethics Commissioner found Trudeau cabinet minister Dominic LeBlanc was in a conflict of interest for trying to secure an Arctic surf clam license for his wife's cousin.

Andrew Scheer tells Acadia news there is a pattern that is deeply entrenched within the Liberal cabinet of ministers interpreting the rules for themselves and it starts with the Prime Minister.

"It didn't apply to him with his friend when he received an illegal gift and then the Minister of Finance and now we have Minister Leblanc joining that list.
So there is a clearly a sense of entitlement that is deeply entrenched with this Liberal government and I believe it starts from the top with Justin Trudeau," Scheer says.

We asked Scheer about the lack of sanctions levelled against Leblanc by the ethics commissioner.

"In previous parliaments, the sanctions for Ministers running afoul of the laws they would either offer their resignation or the Prime Minister would ask for it.   We don't see that with this government whether it's Bill Morneau or Justin Trudeau or now this case.    I have known Dominic Leblanc for a long time and I think he's a person of good character and I understand his version of how this unfolded.    However, it's part of a larger pattern and that's the issue here," Scheer says.

Scheer says the other problem is the deep ties the Five Nations Clam Company has to the Liberal party including a former MP and a relative of a sitting MP.

Dominic Leblanc took to Twitter saying he accepts the finding of the ethics commissioner and he will continue to work with his office.