Residents Encouraged To Think Of Charity When Working On Will

Posted on Monday, March 20, 2017 08:17 AM

Have you ever considered including a worthwhile charity or community project when drafting your will?

A Dryden-based Barrister and Solicitor is encouraging you do so.

Brenda Leigh Bell says a number of charitable organizations and health care campaigns rely on year-round donations from the public.

Bell says 10% of people who have a will have included a benefiting charity, however 90% have only considered it.

She notes most people who want to donate to charity are around the age of 35, single and self-employed, however they are often the group that doesn't have a will.

Bell suggests working with a lawyer to ensure your paperwork is properly filled out and the appropriate clauses are in place in case a charity makes a change.

Bell adds including a charity is not only a feel-good move, but it also helps your estate through tax breaks.