Roger Valley Says Firefighter Debate Needs To Be Public

Posted on Monday, March 12, 2018 13:29 PM

Roger Valley will be asking his fellow Councillors Monday night to add the issue concerning volunteer firefighters to a public agenda.

Valley says the current mess we are in can all be blamed on Council.

Valley says there are solutions and they can get firefighters back to work, but stresses that can't be done without a frank and open discussion with everyone at the table.

He notes all decisions have so far been made behind closed doors and without most of Council's involvement.

Valley says he will need the support of all members, stressing it's time to start talking about firefighter concerns in a public forum.

He says Dryden residents are very concerned and it's time that they have an open and honest public debate.

Valley stresses Council has never had an open discussion about the spiralling situation we all face now.

The meeting starts at 7 o'clock at City Hall.