Creative Cooking Classes

Friday, August 18, 2017 - 10:00
Dryden Mission

August 18 from 10-2, anyone interested in being a student or volunteer of Creative Cooking Classes is invited to The Dryden Mission, 65 Van Horne Ave to find out more information, fill out an application and sample the cooking lesson menus!

Classes start September 13, to help families and individuals who are struggling to create healthy meals.

Each week, students will receive 2 cooking lessons focusing on simple, healthy meal and snack options.

The meals and snacks they create during the lessons will be taken home for themselves and their families.

Classes will be offered 6 weeks at a time, and each set of classes can accommodate up to 6 students.

Application to be a student can be done at any time at and on August 18 from 10-2

If you'd like to hear more, apply to be a student or volunteer some time, contact Alicia at 223-4313, email [email protected] or visit