On Air

Richard McCarthy

He's the voice you wake up to - CKDR Morning Show guy Richard McCarthy.   Born in Cochenour, raised in Geraldton, Educated in Thunder Bay and on the air in Dryden for over 25 years, no one knows the Northwest like Richard!  Today's Hits and Yesterday's Favorites, the "Bonehead of the Day," and lots more between 6 and 9 weekdays.

Lloyd Napish

Raised in Eagle Lake FN, Lloyd joined the crew as our "Weekend Warrior" a few years back - now you can hear CKDR Music Director Lloyd Napish weekday afternoons  on CKDR.  

Sarah McCarthy

Sarah McCarthy can be zipping around the area in a CKDR Cruiser or On The Air weekends or whenever we can catch up with her!  A DHS student, Sarah learned the radio biz listening to her Dad, Richard.

Erick Ames

Erick Ames - Saturday mornings on CKDR.  

Mike Ebbeling

A news hound to the bitter end, and the voice of hockey in Northwestern Ontario, join CKDR News/Sports Director Mike Ebbeling weekday mornings and at every hockey game he can get to.

Rayson Martyn

Rayson Martyn a Reporter and News Anchor here at CKDR. Normally heard weekday afternoons, like any good reporter, Rayson can turn up anywhere - any time!  (You're right - he doesn't look at all like he sounds)

Sheri Leviski

Born and educated in Dryden, Sheri Leviski is the host of "Northwest Monitor" - our half hour news magazine show covering stories from across the Northwest.  "Northwest Monitor" is heard Sunday mornings after the 9 AM News

Jimmy Hollywood

James St. James is the REAL Jimmy Hollywood and live from tinseltown he'll bring you the latest news, reports and gossip from Hollywood. 
Tune in weekday mornings at 8:20am for the first round of Jimmy Hollywood with Richard.  Then listen up for the replay on the drive home at 4:40pm. 

M.G. Kelly

M.G. (Machine Gun) Kelly hosts the "Classic Hit List" Saturday afternoons from 2 until 6 on CKDR.  A veteran of the LA Radio scene, M.G. is heard across North America, dishing up the classic hits of the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Kent Jones

'Totally Awesome 80s With Kent Jones' features artists, themes, and years highlighting the fun accented with requests, current info about the artists, and the 80s movie and TV quiz. It's five hours of pure eighties, Sundays from 1 to 6 PM