How you can reach us:

By email:

General Mail and Inquiries: [email protected]
Birthday and Anniversary Wishes: [email protected]
What's Happening/Community Events: [email protected]
CKDR Newsroom: [email protected]
CKDR Sales Department: [email protected]
CKDR Copy Department: [email protected]
Report Website Problems: c[email protected]

By phone:

Office: (807) 223-2355
Long Distance: 1-800-465-7200
Fax: (807) 223-5090
Studio: (807) 223-5215
News room: (807) 223-7345

In person, or by mail:

122 King Street
Dryden, ON P8N 1C2

Where you can hear us:











CKDR broadcasts at 92.7FM in Dryden, 97.1FM in Sioux Lookout, AM1450 in Hudson, 97.5FM in Ignace, 97.1FM in Red Lake, and 97.5FM in Ear Falls.